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Membership types & prices

All adult members and parents of child members will receive keys to the club which give you access to both courts, men’s and ladies’ changing rooms, toilets, kitchen and balls.

All club members are also able to enter our Wimbledon ticket ballot and play in our club sessions and competitive play if their membership allows.

Court timetable and more on club sessions

Membership Type Price (per year) Description
Full Member* £126 Can play anytime
Full Member 18-25* £67 Can play anytime, must be under the age to 26 years at start of season
Full Member Student* £67 Can play anytime, must adhere to the clubs definition of ‘full time student’
Off Peak Adult* £80 Restricted use of courts (see timetable)
Off Peak 18-25 or Student* £55 Restricted use of courts (see timetable)
Off Peak Child* £44 Restricted use of courts (see timetable), must be under the age to 18 years at start of season
Visitor £4 adult, £2 child per session Must be accompanied by member
* £10 Discount for new member